My approach...

As an integrative Gestalt therapist, my role is to accompany on the path of awareness of the present moment, connecting with emotions and physical experience. With a sensitive and respectful approach, we will create a place of trust and understanding, time to pause and search together. I believe there are inner healing powers within each of us

I am ready to help you in managing anxiety and fobia issues, depression, burnout-syndrom, emotional regulation, and other issues that may limit you in your life.   

Personal growth, relationships, existential and spiritual issues are important parts of life that can be also addressed in therapy.

I am open to new approaches, experimental, playful and imaginative methods. I also draw on CBT and NLP techniques and a wealth of inspiration from European and non-European sources, including traditional psychohygiene and medicine.

I provide therapy in Czech, English and German.

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Where there is light, there is shadow... 

only sometimes it's not easy for us to accept it and live our story in its entirety

Every road leads somewhere..

we just need someone accompanying us sometimes, so we can walk more confidently

Martin Žemla, PhD

My therapeutic work is based on the principles of non-directive humanistic psychotherapy - the integrative Gestalt therapy. I also use therapeutical technics and approaches from the CBT therapy, NLP and Mindfulness.  

Currently, I am in the last (supervised) year of the 5-year psychotherapy training INSTEP. As an integrative therapist, I have completed a number of courses in Gestalt Theatre, Pesso-Boyden, dream work, trauma work, etc. Since 2023, I work with the psychotherapy clinic AdicareI am a member of the Czech Association for Psychotherapy CAP

After studying Economics at the University of Economics in Prague, I studied at the Faculty of Philosophy, Charles University in Prague, where I received my PhD in Philosophy in 2010.

I have been involved in book publishing for more than two decades as an editor and editor-in-chief, translator, and author of academic texts.

I work as a research fellow at Palacký University, Olomouc. I also teach as an external lecturer at the Faculty of Philosophy and Faculty of Sciences at Charles University, Prague.

I draw, among other influences, on existential philosophy, phenomenology, the dialogical philosophy of Martin Buber and the ideas of C. G. Jung. I am open to Christian spirituality and have studied and practised Indian philosophy, yoga and Zen meditation. I have a long-standing interest in the spiritual systems of the European past. I have been inspired by the Renaissance concept of the relationship between human being and the world, which I find attractive and useful even today.

I have a teenage son and two teenage daughters.

I live and work in Prague, where I was born in 1973, under the sign of Gemini.


I currently provide psychotherapeutic counselling at Budečská 9, 5 minutes from the metro station Náměstí Míru and 50 metres from the tram station Jana Masaryka (tram no. 22, 4, 13)

I am also available at the psychotherapeutic clinic Adicare (Charkovská 24)

e-mail:; tel.: 777 238 287
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